Wood Engraving

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In today’s busy world, so many objects are throw-away, meals are fast and screens dominate our life.

Take time out to slow down and nourish yourself in handmade creativity, spending a day to learn the age-old techniques of wood engraving. Ditch your smartphone to carefully craft and print your own beautiful image.


In this workshop you will learn all the basics of wood engraving; from planning an image and cutting the design, right through to printing and editioning. Working with lemon wood, and using specialised tools, you will take home a set of your very own gorgeous prints - for your home or for loved ones.

Alongside his own practice, Jonathan has been teaching printmaking for over 10 years - running regular classes at the London Print Studio, Morley College and Leeds College of Art. Now, in a recently-renovated coach-house studio, you can learn from Jonathan in a particularly beautiful space, using his Albion press, in a hidden and extra special setting.

Please bring an inspired mind, a sketchbook or a few pieces of inspiration (a photo, a magazine article, a poem, a thought or just your open curiosity) and, if you have them, your favourite drawing materials (pencils, brush pens and fine liners). The group will be a maximum of 6 people to ensure that everyone gets Jonathan’s full attention, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.